Children’s Program

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01/ 12 / 2018 (Saturday)
02/12/2018 (Sunday)


Cinematheque of Macedonia

Free entrance

1. Coucouleurs / Switzetland / Oana Lacroix / 06’35”

CoucouleursIn a large forest where single-colored birds live, everyone has found his place in a tree that looks like him.
But what happens when a bird has two colors?

2. Grizzy and the Lemmings – Teleportation’s the Way to Go! / France / Victor Moulin / 07′

Grizzy And The LemmingsAs soon as the Forest Ranger is away, GRIZZY feels it’s only natural that the Ranger Station becomes his territory. And no other animal dares to contest this privilege. Except the LEMMINGS! They are small, but there are a lot of them – and they want their share of the Eldorado!
Grizzy finds two identical vases that are actually communicating vessels in a Native American Indian chest. If he sticks his hand in one, it comes out the other, regardless of the distance between them. This should satisfy Grizzy’s natural lazy streak, unless the Lemmings realize the incredible games they could play with the magic vases.

3. Bear With Me / France / Clotilde Chivot / 07’38”

Bear With MeMargot, an eight years old girl, is forced to spend her summer holidays with her grandfather she has never met. She is left in the high mountains with Alphonse, who is not only old and grumpy, but also a bear, a real one with fur and claws. Despite the growing hostility between them, they slowly lean to understand each other and live together.

4. Blue / US / Maryam Farahzadi / 04′

BlueBlue is a short film about the struggle of being different.

5. Five Minutes to Sea / Russian Federation / Natalia Mirzoyan / 07’10”

Five Minutes To SeaMom tells her daughter to have a five minute break before she’s allowed to swim again. Those five minutes seem like eternity to the little girl. She’s trying to entertain herself by watching other beach goers who spend their own five minutes in different ways. However, everyone is waiting for their own “swim”.

6. Fried Taro / Taiwan / An Wu Li / 04’51”

Fried TaroA girl Chiou-Chiou and her family go to grandma’s house for lunch. Grandma is happy until she finds grandpa is drinking. She is angry at her husband.
Chiou-Chiou asks grandma if she could eat the sweets”fried taro”before lunch. Grandma get furious with her husband, and slap on Chiou-Chiou’s face, even though she is regret immediately. Chiou-Chiou is upset. She leaves grandma’s house and goes back home herself.
At mid-night, Chiou-Chiou find that her parents are not at home. Without other choices, she runs out to grandma’s house for help…

7. 6:1 / Russian Federation / Sergei Ryabov / 02’53”

6:1Inseparable Girl and Cat are playing checkers. The cat loses over and over…

8. Cakewalk / Netherlands / Sijbren Schenkels / 03’09”

CakewalkA grandma wants to treat herself to a delicious piece of Gugelhupf Cake. But on her way to the park, she keeps losing a slice out of love for her fellow men. Will she have enough to feed everyone including herself?

9. New Neighbours / Italy / Andrea Mannino / 05’50”

New NeighboursDonald, a white nationalist, cannot stand the arrival of the new neighbours, while his little daughter can’t wait to play with a new friend. In a funny 1930s-style atmosphere, the film questions about our possibility of integration and peaceful coexistence.

10. Red Apple / Croatia / Ana Horvat / 08′

Red AppleAdopted girl is telling us a story about how families come to be. But sometimes that can be different – as she tells us in a story about her own, special family. After getting married, her parents can’t conceive a child. They come to a conclusion that their child is already born, and they have to look for it.

11. Geno / Georgia / Dato Kiknavelize / 12′

GenoToad Geno and his neighbors are forced to seek a new habitat because a construction site invades the pond where they live. Geno cares only of himself… But he will have to realize, that only in collaboration with others they will be able to save their home and survive.

12. The wolf and the Buck / Macedonia / Ilcho SImovski, Marijana Simovska / 2018 / 4’58”

The Wolf And The BuckThe wolf changes his coat, but not his disposition. The good ones always see the greater good and always want to help, even their enemies. But the selfish and evil ones will never be grateful, unless they decide to change themselves and become better.

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