Workshop with Hrvoje Selec

Stop Animation Workshop for children with Hrvoje Selec, an animator from Croatia

21, 22 and 23 of December (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

18.00 h

Cinematheque of Macedonia

Anyone who is interested can apply on

The children will work 3 days for 2 hours on stop animation with collage and objects: from an idea to a finished product – animated film.

Hrvoje Selec

Hrvoje SelecHrvoje Selec was born in 1984 year in Varazdin (Croatia). As of his 8 year, started visiting the group for an animated film VANIMA, where he is employed today. Since participating in the making of more than ten animated films, as a highschool student he starts leading a group for animated films, and since 2005 he became a secretary and leader of VANIME. In 2009, as a VANIMA employee, along with his colleague Sandra Malenica founded the “VAFI – International animated film, Children and Youth in Varazdin”, becoming director of the festival, thill current. He has held over 50 workshops for an animated film, with children and young people in Croatia and worldwide, and was a mentor of the regular animated film groups. He presented the work of the VANIMA and VAFI festival in Japan, China, Australia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, as well as in Europe. Since 2008 has been a member of ASIFA, and since 2012 has participated in the ASIFA Workshop Group. He was a member of the jury at the sixth STAR FILM FESTIVAL, in Shishak, and on the twelfth TRASH FILM FESTIVAL in Varazdin. He is currently substitute president of the Cultural Assembly of the city of Varazdin, also studying at the multimedia studio, moulding and application at the North University.