Official Program

Tuesday, 29.12.2020 / 18:00h

1. Claudete and the Cake / Brazil / Fádhia Salomão / 2020 / 4’37”

She loves making cakes and does it with real passion, this is Claudete. Her cakes are appreciated by all and that pleases her, but when she is overwhelmed by excessive demand, Claudete will have to take action.

2. Broken Roots / Jordan / Asim Tareq, Sarah Elzayat / 2020 / 4’18”

Broken Roots is a projection of the emotional status for a 10-year-old Adham, who feels a void inside him that looks like a single black tree in the middle of a desert. He tries to fill this void by drawing and hanging these expressive drawings with no one to notice them. The only color he knows is black although his room is filled with colorful boxes of presents that can inspire him, but these gifts are not what he is asking for

3. Snow Shelter / Lithuania / Robertas Nevecka / 2020 / 16’9”

Frigid winter in a war-devastated, present-day city. Several years have passed since the destruction, and the city is slowly rebuilding. A thirty-year-old guy is living as a squatter in an apartment with a group of strangers. He struggles to survive and also to find a little more comfort in this rough setting. One night he nearly burns the flat down, hoping for a warmer sleep. His roommates start hating him, so the guy has to find another shelter.

4. Letting Go / Switzerland / Cécile Brun / 2019 / 6’33”

“Lah gah” lets us dive into sunny childhood memories, when a girl is singing and cooking with her father. An intimate moment, so simple. But they’re swept along by the wafting mass of dough into the emotional depths of loss and disappearance. Helpless, the child is trying to grasp what is not tangible.

5. Tamou / Israel / Tom Prezman / 2019 / 10′

Surrounded by the prying eyes of a patriarchal society, a lonely housewife plunges into an internal exploration of gender and sexuality in 20th century Morocco. Tamou’s true identity as a trans man begins to unfold.

6. The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr. Jay / Portugal / Bruno Caetano / 2019 / 10’50”

In a city where Nature has been forbidden, a small crime by a simple man triggers a chain of unexpected consequences.

7. Psychophonic / Spain / Aline Romero / 2019 / 5’42”

During a full moon night, a cat is trapped inside a spooky house where a gramophone is playing. The cat will discover a secret while trying to escape and run for his life.

8. Turtle Bay / France / Océane Lavergne / 2020 / 5’19”

“The youth has that beautiful thing that it can admire without understanding.”

9. Heart of Gold / France / Simon Filliot / 2020 / 12’45”

Who wouldn’t give their all for a child? A mother sees an opportunity to escape the hardships of a life of poverty by selling her organs to a sick, very rich, elderly neighbor. And she hands over her own flesh in exchange for gold. Little by little, necessity gives way to a craving for more gold.

10. Three sisters / Russian Federation / Svetlana Andrianova / 2019 / 8′

Film is based on Montenegrin legend “House of the Three Sisters”

11. Movements / Korea / Dahee Jeong / 2019 / 10’15”

In the space of 10 minutes, the African baobab tree grows 0.008mm, the fastest dog in the world, the Greyhound, can run 12km, and the Earth travels 18,000km around the Sun. “Movements” is a 10-minute animated film which I drew at a rate of 2 seconds of animation per day. We are all walking, seeing, working, running, and stopping together.

12. Old Hag / France / Lu Pulici / 2020 / 7’37”

While his wife believes him at a corporate seminar in Paris, Jean-Luc is sitting in a boat moving in the bayou somewhere in Louisiana. He has an appointment with the voodoo wizard Richardson. This wizard is known for solving all the problems.

13. Tărâmul Interior / Romania / Robert Antonov / 2020 / 3’14”

Nina, unable to escape from a strange room, faces various fears and anxieties portrayed in the form of several living things. The girl, instead of projecting herself into the world, absorbs the world in itself. Thus incorporating the environment and integrating herself emotionally.

14. Dry Sea / Belgium / Bart Bossaert / 2020 / 11′

A fisherman is left alone on the shore of a dried out sea. He is stuck in the past until a sandstorm overtakes him and redefines the meaning of his existence.

15. The Song of a Lost Boy / United Kingdom / Daniel Quirke / 2020 / 9’56”

Ben is a young choir boy, who after his voice breaks mid solo, has a crisis of faith, decides to run away from his community. He happens upon a group of nomads who take him in, though Ben hides his secret about who he really is, and must decide what to do with it.