Official Program

DAY ONE – Friday, 20.12.2019 / 20:00h

1. Daughter / Czech Republic / Daria Kashcheeva / 2019 / 14’44”

DaughterShould you hide your pain? Close yourself inside your inner world, full of longing for your father’s love and its displays? Or should you understand and forgive before it is too late?

2. Almost There / UK / Nelly Michenaud / 2019 / 8’44”

Almost ThereOn an train journey without stops or destination, an observer goes to extreme lengths to avoid other passengers, a giant baby runs away from his parents, a romantic woman starts an relationship with a cuckoo, and a naïve boy discovers that some problems can’t be fixed by pictures of unicorns.

3. Molehill / France / Matthieu Chesneau, Brune Martin, Manon Poirier / 2019 / 3’45”

MolehillSome workers evolve inside a factory that creates life.

4. Master of Light / Germany / Stefan Vogt / 2019 / 1’40”

Master of LightFriendship can even happen in absence.

5. The Last Song / Spain / Borja Guerrero Parapar / 2018 / 14’58”

The Last SongEvery morning, Filbert and Sacramento’s cockerel went up the bell tower and sang: “Oh sole mío…” It was like that for many years, so many it seemed it was always going to be so. However, the cockerel was getting old and one night he closed his eyes to go to sleep…

6. Ants / USA / Ji Seon Lee / 2019 / 01’31”

AntsThe lives of modern workers are similar with the lives of worker ants. Worker ants work hard everyday, do their parts, and live in ants house by dividing rooms. But some of unlucky worker ants can be killed by human with no specific reason. Most of human kills those ants just for fun. Even so, other worker ants must keep to work everyday.
Still, sometimes, the reality that humans have faced is very similar with the lives of the worker ants.

7. Arch-rival / China / Liu Qiang / 2019 / 5′

Arch-rivalOn War with Yourself.
There is no dialogue in the film. Anyone can understand it.

8. Kooo…? / Iran / Mina Ghaseminia / 2018 / 7′

KoooFantastic short animation adapted from Mevlana’s Matnavi Book 3. A guy looks for a symbol he owns, passing many places and experiencing many events regardless of the ability that he has within himself. When he arrives at the destination due to an ignorance of what he spent time to achieve, leaves him and he falls down to the first step.

9. Poeci. Moris Rosenfeld / Poland / Daria Kopiec / 2019 / 3’32”

Poeci. Moris RosenfeldA brief animated look at the life of the poet Morris Rosenfeld.

10. Until It Turns Black / Ukraine / Anastasiia Falileieva / 2019 / 6’23”

Until It Turns BlackWhen the truth hurts and nothing can be changed, it seems like escape to the world of dreams – is the only way out. Fantasy could relieve the pain, but is that a magic pill? Remember, even dirty neat streets are covered with breathtaking sky. Above the darkest clouds sun always shines.
I’m a fugitive too.

 The movie goes out to those, who don’t agree with reality.

11. Anxie / Greece / Stavrina Kykalou / 2017 / 7’14”

AnxieAnxie’s dog tries in vain to play with her. Anxie has long stopped having fun. Every passing day is unbearably the same to the previous. The bulk of her work keeps growing, her time is never enough and anxiety pushes Anxie to the limit.
Will she manage to change her everyday life and get rid of her routine?

12. The Juggler / Brazil / Iuri Moreno / 2018 / 10’55”

The JugglerAn animated documentary about street jugglers who bring color to the monotonous day of the big cities.

13. Bottleneck / Sweden / Pella Olsson / 2019 / 3′

BottleneckSofy’s job is putting caps on bottles. The work is monotonous and seemingly endless. The pace with which the bottles come through is fast and Sofy must hurry to keep up. But this day she is interrupted when one bottle arrives with a cap already attached. This throws off Sofy’s routine and she misses a couple of bottles. By chasing after the missed bottles she is taken on a revelatory, and surprisingly short, journey through the factory.

DAY TWO – Saturday, 21.12.2019 / 20:00h

1. Widdershins / UK / Simon P Biggs / 2018 / 11′

WiddershinsThe life of a pampered gentleman is seamlessly automated by machines, but his orderly existence is thrown into chaos when he chooses to pursue a free-spirited woman, against the advice of his robot butler.

2. Fisherman and the Girl / Georgia / Mamuka Tkeshelashvili / 2018 / 15′

Fisherman and the GirlA story about a five-year-old girl and her fisherman father who has to leave her home alone and go for fishing. To make her stay easier Father tells her magical stories about fishing which transforms into dreamlike fantasies in a little girl’s mind.

3. Take a Nap / Iran / Mina Ghaseminia / 2019 / 3′

Take a NapBoy under the tree blinking while looking upward. Camera traced the boys sight. A baby bird falls down the tree and hits the ground. Camera passes the grass shows a football play-field boys are playing in. The last shoot concludes a morph of the ball to a bomb and explosion. Camera tracks back to the first position, the victim of war (boy) sits silently and motionless in a wheelchair.

4. Morning / Czech Republic / Vojtech Domlatil / 2019 / 3’33”

MorningMorning. Coffee. Breakfast. Shower. And then? Trip outside? Or trip inside? Breathing meditation in form of linear full animation.

5. The Gods Of Tiny Things / Australia / Deborah Kelly / 2019 / 5’22”

The Gods Of Tiny Things“The Gods of Tiny Things” is a collaborative collage animation work emerging from a commission for Bundanon’s Siteworks Festival. Produced through a residential workshop at the Riversdale Education Centre, the imagery, musical composition and soundscape design were devised to reflect upon the imperilled lives on a climate-changing planet. “The Gods of Tiny Things” speculates upon parthenogenetic, queer insurrection.

6. Roamers / France / Simon Choupot / 2019 / 9′

RoamersAn autobiographical fresco retracing the different places where i traveled and lived. Compiled into a roaming story in mountains and villages.

7. Love Me, Fear Me / Germany / Veronica Solomon / 2018 / 06’06”

Love Me, Fear MeWhat would you be willing to do for them to love you?
“Love me, fear me” is a dance metaphor about the roles we play and the shapes we take, about the stages we chose, the audience we try to impress and the price of acceptance.

8. Good Intentions / UK / Anna Mantzaris / 2018 / 8’34”

Good IntentionsAfter a young woman is responsible for a hit and run, strange and spooky things starts to happen… A small thriller about people that are not always the best at making decisions.

9. A Bad Egg / Simon Stojanovski, Kristina Trajcheska / Macedonia / 2018

A Bad EggA carefree bouncy ball goes astray in the dark part of the kitchen.

10. The Blind Queen / France / Candy Collecchia, Christian Xiong, Mickaël Vacher, Basile Van Peteghem / 2019 / 5’13”

The Blind QueenOnce upon a time in a faraway kingdom, a young Blind Queen. Isolated in her immaculate palace, she rejects the outside world that is foreign to her. It is by confronting the unknown that she will free herself from her constraint and finally blossom.

11. The Duel / UK / Alistair Kerr / 2019 / 08’43”

The DuelSebastian is enjoying his music until…

12. Sword / USA / Jingqi Zhang / 2019 / 3′

SwordAn abnormal guy gets a sword accidentally. He takes advantage of the power and becomes greedy, until he meets a kid…

13. Voodoo / Spain / Carles Prenafeta / 2019 / 04’10”

VoodooAn old woman is in her house and suddenly is disturbed by a young musician. What will she do?

14. Be Hold / Canada / Gilnaz Arzpeyma / 2019 / 01’32”

Be HoldPerformances of two contemporary dancers are juxtaposed and reassembled in a frame by frame investigation of one’s self-perception of attraction and repulsion.

DAY THREE – Sunday, 22.12.2019 / 20:00h

1. Castle / Japan / Ryotaro Miyajima / 2019 / 05′

CastleDuring the period of the ‘Provinces at war’, many lives were lost. A castle architect discovers the possible role of a tea room as a place for warriors to regain humanity.

2. Per Aspera Ad Astra / France / Franck Dion / 2018 / 11’08”

Per Aspera Ad AstraThe daily life of a little hen housekeeper, torn between her work, her children and her old mother.

3. (In)Dividual / UK, Portugal / Beatriz Bagulho / 2019 / 4’50”

(In)DividualDuring a medical exam, a young girl dreams that she’s inside her mind.
Dragged by her antagonist (the prompter of her seizures) into an identity-wrapping quest, she explores the different sections of her personality –unusual spaces full of surreal metaphors.
Only when she ceases questioning who she is, may she realise that the cause for her misfortune had always been on the palm of her hand.

4. Night Shift / Italy / Gianfrancesco Iacono / 2019 / 3’55”

Night ShiftA weird Palermo, gloomy as never before. A dark-haired girl drives all night for seemingly no reason. Is she looking for something or someone? Does she need to finish any job? Or, maybe, is it only a feeling of endless loneliness that makes her stop at pubs and meet men? Truth is elusive and night life can lose itself in the coils of a disturbing dream.

5. Epirenov / Argentina / Alejandro Ariel Martin / 2019 / 15′

EpirenovEpirenov is the last inhabitant on Earth. He monotonously walks around the empty desert in search of pieces necessary to build a partner. In one of his usual tours he discovers an artifact that will change his world.

6. Dead Field / Argentina / Augusto Bejas / 2018 / 5’53”

Dead FieldInside a cabin, surrounded by nothing but the dry frozen countryside, a reclusive elder man deals with a strange visitor.

7. Drawing Life / Brazil / Luciano Lagares / 2018 / 12’52”

Drawing LifeAn unmotivated caricaturist draws people on the street. One day, a woman pulling a sick and incommunicable boy in a wheelchair appears. The drawer observes him, scrutinizing the life that activates the simplest emotions, joy, anger, disappointment, and happiness.
A connection is established. An atmosphere full of fantasy, fun drawings, and funny situations are created from an unlikely communication process.

8. The Goddess / Argentina / Lisandro Schurjin / 2018 / 11’06”

The GoddessA young couple, in an attempt to rebuild its depleted relation, goes camping to a natural reserve. When nothing seems to get better, The Goddess appears and faces them to their shadows and secrets.

9. R.A.S. / France / Lucas Durkheim / 2019 / 5’17”

R.A.S.For months now, a group of five young soldiers have been stuck, bored, on a mission in the middle of the Afghan mountains. One day, during a support mission, the routine is finally broken.

10. Uki / UK / George Warren / 2018 / 5’56”

UkiA short stop frame animation following a lonely Inuit who struggles to survive after an oil tanker leaks oil off the coast of Alaska, killing all the wildlife in the area. A dark comedy about companionship, loneliness and pollution.

11. Boilermaker / Estonia / Risto Kütt / 2018 / 4’05”

BoilermakerA silly film about a barmaid who’s not impressed by the size of whiskey and beer glasses. So one day after the bar is closed, she tries out new ways of how to mix a perfect Boilermaker. From that drink forward everything goes surreal-silly-odd and most of all stupid.

12. The Little Ship / Russia / Anastasia Makhlina / 2018 / 5’31”

The Little ShipThis is a story about one little girl and her friend – an elephant. They carelessly play and have fun. However, childhood ends sooner or later, sometimes imperceptibly for us. No matter how good it is, it’s time to part. Adulthood is an inevitability in the life of every person.

13. Transmuta / Argentina / María Belén Tagliabue, Miriana Bazán / 2019 / 02’01”

Transmuta“Trasmuta” is the story of a woman who after suffering an unexpected loss must transform completely to survive.