Children’s Program

Program for children

Date and time: 03 & 04/12/2016 (Saturday and Sunday) at 12:00 PM

Cinematheque of Macedonia

1. Hot Chocolate / USA / Thu Vu Kim Nguyen / 2016 / 03’17’’

Hot ChocolateA short animated film about a little girl who had recently moved to a foreign country and was trying to adjust to her new life.

2. The Cat and Its Artist / Germany / Maiko Koller / 2015 / 03’32’’

The Cat and Its ArtistBy chance, a stray cat lands in the apartment of an artist who excessively paints pictures of bananas. After rejection, quarrel and a color fight, the cat and the artist eventually become successful and sell their paintings.

3. Every Drop Counts / India / Dhimant Vyas / 2016 / 01’15’’

Every Drop CountsThis movie is made to build a bridge between those who live in the cities with fresh running water and the people, animals, birds and landscapes affected by a drought. It tells the two sides of a story, on one screen. It gives the full picture.

4. Once in the Evening / Russia / Aleksey Protsenko / 2015 / 01’12’’

Once in the EveningYoung guy comes home after work in the evening to relax and watch TV. He turns it on and watching. But suddenly the electricity is cut in the apartment, and the main character finds a way how to get it back.

5. Miss Roboto / USA / Natasha Rindt / 2015 / 05’30’’

Miss RobotoUnfulfilled with her life, a dishwashing robot gets inspiration from a dance show. Despite her purpose, she tries to do something that she wasn’t programmed to do… TO GROOVE!

6. Tortoise and Hare / Turkey / Seyit Ali Yaprakci / 2016 / 04’

Tortoise and HareTurtle encounters with a rabbit on the way. Fun with rabbit and the turtle walking very slowly. They decide to run to the pit and the tortoise at the entrance of the village. He approaches the rabbit, but the turtle sits under the tree and wait for the turtle to mess with. While waiting for the turtle the rabbit fell asleep. Target reached before the bunny and the turtle wins the race. So very self-confident for not showing work that must hare loses.

7. Star Taxi / Slovakia / Juraj Krumpolec / 2015 / 14’30’’

Star TaxiAdventures of a little boy Hugo and a taxi driver Peppino on their journey through dangerous universe. One meter faster than light they flee from the furious monsters of Aldebaran. Animated short for children based on the fairy tale by Gianni Rodari.

8. To My Childhood / China / Jiaying He / 2016 / 03’03’’

To My ChildhoodThe story is about a girl who in a dream goes back in time and meets the childhood version of herself.

9. The Scape / Brazil / Douglas Alves Ferreira / 2015 / 10’

The ScapeIt’s 50 B.C. in ancient Egypt,the Roman army Just invaded the country and it is conducting prisoners through the desert. Nonconformist a boy tries to scape his captors.


Movies by children

1. My Favorite Tree / Serbia / Miroslav Djeric / 2016 / 02’

One beautiful tree is a part of the childhood of a boy and a girl, so it becomes their favorite tree.

2. The Blue Bird / Serbia / Miroslav Djeric / 2016 / 06’

The young authors of this movie, through the live of a blue bird are showing that the bad neighbor can be very unhelpful, whilst the good neighbor is worth a lot.