Children’s Program

Date and time:
21.12.2019 (Saturday) at 14:00h and 16:00h
22.12.2019 (Sunday) at 12:00h

Cinematheque of Macedonia

Free entrance

1. Elena / Argentina / Aldana Bustamante, Juliana Vassallo / 2019 / 1’30”

ElenaElena is a little girl who lives in the countryside. One day she meets a dandelion and asks for a new pair of sneakers. When she blow the dandelion, they knock on the door of the house and the sneakers she asked for are at the entrance of the house.

2. Roar / Switzerland / Owley Samter / 2018 / 1’13”

RoarA good-natured dinosaur has to stand his ground against a nasty opponent.

3. Shuffled / Sweden / Markus Helmersson / 2018 / 5’5”

ShuffledA film with a bunch of twists to it.
A woman looking for a way out.

4. Little Grey Wolfy. Summer Party / Norway / Natalia Malykhina / 2019 / 6’33”

Little Grey Wolfy. Summer PartySummer is here – short nights and full moon.
And Little Grey Wolfy´s birthday is soon!
Little Grey Wolfy is dreaming about a real birthday cake with candles and cream for his birthday party. But everyone knows that cakes, they do not grow on the trees! There are only mushrooms, berries and nuts here in the forest. However, this is not a problem for his good friends!
With great imagination and big love they manage to make exactly what Wolfy wants. A real birthday cake! And of the stars that fell into the thicket at the starry nights, they make a big firework. Horray for Wolfy! Hooray his friends!

5. A Drawers’ Dream / France / Clément La Chimia / 2019 / 3’4”

A Drawers DreamTom has a boring life. Each day, he goes to work and can’t wait to go home to indulge his passion and escape his boredom.

6. Adopt a Brocoli / France / Maïlys Pitcher / 2019 / 1’20’

Adopt a BrocoliAn unloved broccoli desperately wants to be eaten.

7. Otilia / Canada / Ion Cebotari / 2019 / 5’04’

OtiliaBased on a true story.
From a young age, a woman was playing the violin and because the routine she had to forget her passion. One day she met an old man at the seashore, he offered a gift to her future baby, who will be born soon. The woman choses a small ballerina toy as a passion prerequisite of her future baby. A few years later, Otilia, the daughter of this woman, dedicates her life to dancing, to become a famous ballerina. Growing up, more and more problems popped-up in her life. Unfortunately, she quits her dream for an office work. Sometime later, in a park, Otilia meets the same old man which her mother met long time ago. The old man offers a gift to the future baby of Otilia, which will be born soon.

8. The Lost Key / Thailand / Sirapat Sittidechdechakul / 2019 / 11’6”

The Lost KeyThe story of the father and his daughter who are the pianist. The daughter had an accident so she cloud not play the piano anymore. The father can only blame himself. He does not return to play the piano again, even if he misses it alot. Finally, the daughter’s efforts that she wants her father to be happy can make her father come back to play the piano he loves again.

9. Good Wolf / Belarus / Natalia Darvina / 2018 / 7’15”

Good WolfOnce lived a hungry wolf in the forest. And he was hungry all the time, because he was soft-hearted. He ate herbs, honey and drank tea. One winter, the wolf could starve no longer, and he decided to steal the lamb from grandfather and grandmother. Stole but could not eat it, regretted. Instead of it, he gave him tea and danced for him. Meanwhile, the grandfather came to the wolf’s house with a gun and a dog to return the lamb and punish the hungry beast…

10. The Legend of Psaltery / Belarus / Tatiana Koublitskaja / 2019 / 10′

The Legend of PsalteryBrave heart and magic power of music stop war.